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FIFAAbout Us

BRSN is a company that with partnership with Brazil, has sent to several country in Asia, professionals coaches from Brazil to develop football.

We have interchanging program with Brazil’s football teams and professionals. 

Our vision is to provide a challenging, sporting environment to develop the students’ physical and mental capabilities. The purpose of our Academy is to inculcate sporting values like discipline, team work, health & respect, enabling them to meet all challenges with confidence.

Our Motto is Discipline, Skill, Self Respect, Team-work, and Success.

Our Work Training sessions are held 3 days in a week, 1 ½ hours per day.We select children to represent our academy in different country in International Tournaments.We regularly organize extra activities like picnics, talent show, cultural programs, visit of doctors & nutritionists etc.Involving parents to strengthen bonds & enhanced learning’s.

The weight and height of players are routinely checked & monitored with special guidance for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is a proven fact that sports motivate children to achieve better good grades in their academic life. In our weekly talk times. we instill the importance of respecting one’s elders, parents, friends and team mates. “If you want to be the first need to be last, if you want to be great, need to be the least and servant of all”

Football is about a team work, all are stars shining, not only ONE. In this way – we are going to BE WINNERS.